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My life with substance abuse.
 Substance abuse is a family tradition at home. Its not even sad anymore. No really, a lot of funny things have happened. Well funny to me, for instance. My grandmother was and is the pill queen. She is in a lot of physical pain and i don't blame her for having the prescriptions she has for as long as shes had them, but let me tell ya folks, nececessary or not opiates and benzodiazipene accidental overdoses happen. They really mess with your memory! Not to mention the other drugs she took through the 30's-60s that they dont prescribe anymore. Mom therefore used to take her mothers medications. And my father, well his dad was a dermatologist and his 14 year old son had acne and it was embarrassing for him to have a son with skin issues. (and this is told from dad's perspective)  My dad did not have a close relationship with his dad, and to have his dad want to touch his face was not in his plans. So his dad literally shot him up with his first morphine hit. So he was in and out of the recovery programs from my earliest memory. Both of my parents were started on perscriptions first, so let me set this straight, I do not believe Cannabis is a gateway drug. Parents are Gateway dealers.

On a more personal level, my experience with drugs went like this. It started with a dose of dimetapp to get us little girls to sleep. Then when I was 6 I got taught how to make my mom her Sanka coffee, and she had me taste test it so would know if it was made right to her standards. I loved it right away, and by age 11 I was drinking 20 ounce Folgers instant coffee thick as pudding as many tablespoons as i could stand which was like 3. I decided I wanted to experience  summer camp and worked my way there, it cost 300$ to go. My family didn't just send me, i had to earn it.  By the time I earned my way there for a week, I was completely addicted to caffeine. I thought it helped me keep up with the other kids and be funnier, but really i was just a little tweak-er.  I will get into the other drug experiences later for there are many and i need to

More recently,  back to my family my grandma was taking one more soma than she needed and got caught doing it, my mom tried to remove it from her mouth with her fingers and grandma bit mom, then my mom turned around and bit my grandma on the jowl. 

This is a true story.


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