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When I was 4 or 5
I had terrible teeth. Some how both of my top first premolar teeth got rotten to the point of abscessing.  I remember being in a lot of pain, and getting told to take molds of my mouth all of the time. Then there was the day they actually had me come in for surgery.  My dentist was someone from the church I was raised in, naturally that means he knows what he's doing.... right?

 I remember never getting antibiotics before he went to work on my mouth, and being shot up with so much novacaine that I could have o.d.'d on that alone. So much pain and crying, they had that rubber thing clamped to my teeth to catch the blood from the root canal. It smelled like shit and I was scared and hurt. Apparently its mandatory to give antibiotics to a patient who is already fighting infection... I guess common sense isn't part of the bar exam for dentists.
 After that first surgery and how badly it went, my mom took me to another dentist, and he was a lot better.  He had scented laughing gas, strawberry, orange, and chocolate.  That was the first time I ever got high and it was fantastic.
 I ended up with brass caps on both 1st premolar's.

 A few years later when my teeth were starting to come out like kids teeth do, I was chewing on laffy taffy and out came the whole rotten capped tooth. I was so freaked out that i threw it in the trash. I remember right where  I was, we were down at the AA meetings where my parents were going.
 My sister and I ran around with the kids there. And one of those kids is very very much a part of me. I have just started to speak to him again, and I don't think I told him that he is a part of who I am. I just said he means a lot.
 But that friendship and the reasons my parents  were at AA in the first place are a whole 'nother entry.

I was telling the story about my abscesses to a friend this afternoon, and it occured to me... I have been in the hospital with ecoli and my mom stated that I didn't complain about the pain I was in, maybe it has something to do with this early tooth disaster I had.  I have a hard time telling people when I am in serious pain and a lot of times it goes unnoticed.
 That's today's True story and the first entrie. If your reading this and wonder if most of my stories are horrible, the answer is yes, but also most of the time very ironic and hilarious and I myself love to laugh at them.

 I hope further entries will show how humor can really save ones ass.


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