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Repressed Memorys
 I guess its just a weird year, I have so much happening in my current life I havent had time to write.
 But I had some repressed memorys reoccur the other day.
I remembered the day I first tasted cauliflower, I was two years old ... really little had to be one or two i couldnt walk well yet or really chew the vegges.
Among all the things i remembered about that day I remembered that, my mom was sitting there holding a Coors can (I remember reading the label but not knowing what coors was and to my moms testimony she would never have done this, but shes a liar) I took the can out of her hand while i was trying to get up in her lap, and drank it like it was soda, and she yanked it out of my hand and all their conversation stopped my dad was embarassed and mom yelled at me that it wasnt for me. I rememeber being confused and the taste of beer.

I am fairly shocked that I had my first beer that young... and could read.


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