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 It's the reason why I describe my mother like Dale Gribble with menopause.
  She bought hundreds of pounds of, grains, beans, sugar, flour.. a 40lbs bucket of honey I mean she spent thousands of dollars on this stuff. She thought trash cans were the perfect storage containers, so we had about 13 cans in the front yard full of this grain, which turned into silage by the time it was finally removed in '06.  Hardly any of the stuff got used. She also tried to buy solar panels and those got returned on her.
 I went to so many preparedness classes, Revelation bible studies, and uber vegan seminars in '99 it is not even funny.
 The y2k thing just gave her an excuse to manifest a broiling interest in the end of time.   As a child my grandmother and mom would tell us kids to read our bible because someday we wont be able too, people like the Nazis will come take them away.  I was about 5 or 6 when I had my first Post Traumatic Stress Disorder manifestation. It took 6 months for me to stop panicking on a daily basis about the Nazi's stealing my bible. After that event it became steadily worse and I still deal with this Panic Disorder.

 On new years night we stayed home, and we watched the town to watch the grid go out one by one. By 12:30 Jan 1 2000 I was very very pissed off because I missed the millennium celebrations.

 I will say this again, Art Bell was one of the worst things to happen to me in my early teen years. So many subsequent panic attacks about, government pulsing out the radio station, Area 51 and the Mayan Calender theory's it was just as bad as being forced to listen to Dr. Laura in the daytime.
 She truly believed that homeschooling was the way to go to A) keep the government out of your affairs and B) when the year 2000 hit she wanted us to be at home safe.  

 The way it effected my life as a teen was this, I became a super vegan from ages 13-19, and studied herbs a hell of a lot more than anything else because I couldn't teach myself math at home anyway, and it guided my interest into foraging for useful plants all around you.

And it totally made me hate all talk radio except NPR.

 Yes, Its a true story.


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