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I got to thinking about my first exposure to Michael Jackson.
Its been a couple weeks since he died and It only just came up yesterday.
 I was about 5 or 6. My parents had taken us kids to a honky tonk country bar why I don't know because they weren't dancing.. but I did, I was two stepping and doing the Achy Breaky with everyone else.. weird.. right? I don't remember any of my family dancing that night except me because I caught on fast to line dancing and stuff.  And I couldn't remember how to Achy Breaky If I tried.

 ANYWAY tangent aside.  The announcer said that someone named Kathleen was going to dance.  And they dimmed the lights just so, and there is this person, Kathleen in the middle of the dance floor with disco lighting all around bouncing off the walls.  I was seeing my first full transsexual for the first time, here was this very angular woman that who didn't feel like a woman at all posing and beginning to dance to THRILLER. They had the little tv's in the room playing the actual music video and Kathleen was doing his/her thing. I could not as a child make sense as to how someone changes their sex in the first place, and the story to this Kathleen was, her former self Johnny was a depressed druggie and hated himself and thought he was in the wrong gender, and sorely regretted his sex change after it was all said and done (as my mother had told it to me anyway).
 So, As i was seeing this man/woman experience for the first time I was also seeing a very plastic surgeon enhanced version of Michael Jackson right in front of me before the real Michael was white. And yes it gave me chills.
 But it changed my whole perspective on MJ as a preformer like... I never had an awe for the guy or star struck-ness for MJ, Only Transsexuals, because Kathleen/Johnny was there in front of me first, and was way more magnetic and caught in the masculine/feminine androgyny than MJ was. It felt almost like MJ was a copy of my first transsexual sighting.
 It was a very impressive memory.

It's a true damn story.


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