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When I love you Mom was Omitted.
 I was about 4 or 5 years old, I noticed that the longer I waited to tell my mom I loved her, the bigger her smile was and "thank you honey, I love you too!!" Was a bigger nicer one.    So I had contests with myself to see how long i could go without telling her I loved her... during one of these times I noticed that she didn't notice that I wasn't telling her I love you mom.

 So then I realized something was wrong with my mom. 

 Shortly after dad left, right before my 9th birthday I realized that my sister and mother were closer than I could ever hope to be, and slowly but surely I was becoming the second class citizen of the household. Mom would sleep most days away and us kids were left to do our own homework (we were home schooled, it was totally self taught) and housework
 and grocery shopping (mom would write a blank check and we would fill in the total.)
My sister became my substitute mother for that I will always love her for in a way because she did help take care of me sometimes.
 Most of the time though I was degraded and left to sleep on the floor besides my mom and sisters bed (they slept in my moms queen bed that her and dad used to sleep in.) And it was summertime, and there were billions of fleas. Or my sister was abusing my trust by making me "try" the food in the frig to see if it was rotten yet... and it was.

Now at this point in my life I am working HARD to take care of the whole family while still getting treated like a second class citizen. I want Grandma and Grandpa to die as they please in their home, I want my mom taken care of for retirement, even though she chose to not build her own nest egg by refusing to work and live off my Grandparents,  I want my sister to be happy and I want her to be happy without hurting other people to do it.. And Above all I want to keep the property that my Grandpas mother and himself worked so hard to save.

 Ive had enough of being treated like I don't deserve base human needs.

This post isn't funny, But .....

Its a True Story


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